“Working hand in hand to achieve potential”

What is School for Parents?

School for Parents is a group for parents of pre-school age children with motor difficulties and other associated needs. School for Parents provides support, information and guidance which help parents to promote and structure their child’s development in a range of areas including physical and intellectual development, language and communication skills and personal social development.

School for Parents is about successful partnerships between children, parents and professionals. As primary educators and motivators of their young child, parents are central to all activities that promote their child’s learning.

School for Parents uses Conductive Education to promote children’s holistic development, motivation and independence. Conductive Education was developed at the International Peto Institute in Budapest and the School for Parents is led by a Team Leader.

It is aimed at children who have a range of difficulties which affect motor development as well as associated difficulties. This can include Cerebral Palsy, Developmental Delay, Dyspraxia and Down’s Syndrome.

Our aims and objectives for sessions:

  • Adapted learning for children with physical and learning difficulties
  • Aimed at pre-school children from 3 months onwards
  • Promotion of independence and communication
  • A fun learning environment with songs and rhymes
  • Working together with parents
  • A chance to meet other parents
  • Support for the whole family
  • Health professional input

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Sharon Robertson (Team Leader) or Lucy Bloor (Headteacher) on 01538 306214